We Write Coding to Solve Your Problems

Software Developments deals with computer programming for creating a variety of applications and frameworks. As per the requirements stated by our customers, we develop programming, conduct testing, and documenting.

The life cycle of software development by Cryptimatrix Solutions involves the creation, analysis, verification, customer approval, bug fixing, and software launching.

Having a large and happy customer base with us, we proudly say that, our software development teams have managed to make a difference to many businesses and have brought them enormous success!

Business Process Digitization

Every business has three processes involved in running day-to-day activities- operational processes, management processes, supporting processes. We understand that all these processes are complex and not very easy to execute manually. 

We also understand the efforts it takes by you and your teams in maintaining accuracy and consistency while carrying out the activities related to it.

Hence, we the techies at Cryptimatrix Solutions, help you resolve all these and many such issues related to your business processes.

We digitize your business processes and make it an easy and error-free task for you and your teams. We not only assure ROI but also commit work efficiency after business process digitization.

Product Development

We plan and design the software product, depending on your requirements and end results. While doing so, we think about you standing in your customers’ shoes.

This enables us to inculcate the best possible features and tools in the product development done for you.

Cryptimatrix assures high-end design & coding, integration & testing, implementation & deployment, and operations & maintenance of the software product being developed for you.

We act as technology partner for your product. Your product is your intellectual property hence we maintain confidentiality about the same. We also propose new implementation, up-gradation whenever required as per market need. 

Software Maintenance and Support

Irrespective of the business type, what matters at the end is- performance! For your software products and services to perform at their full potential, we at Cryptimatrix Solutions have the plans ready!

With our software maintenance and support, we ensure that your software runs with full efficiency and the least errors. We offer end-to-end support on a regular basis to keep a close check on the software deployed by us or even the software that may not be deployed by us.

For us, high-level software performance for your business is the primary aim and we strive to fulfill it in every possible way!

SMS Gateway Integration

Integrating an SMS Gateway enables your mobile applications and websites with reliable service through direct relationships. We use API practices and offer code samples to make the SMS integration easy. It can hence be used for customer relationship management. We make sure that the API supports longer messages and gives you an opportunity to customize your workflow as per your choice.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration helps you to collect the payments from your customers on behalf of you. It is a system that accepts the payment information of your customer from your website and executes it securely through the various processes before the payment shows in your bank account. We at Cryptimatrix Solutions, offer Payment Gateway integration, because having it in place, keeps you away from dozens of these processes and only offers you with quick beeps on your mobile phone with payment successful notifications!

Standalone Windows Application

It is an application that has the ability to run independently and locally. It does not need any additional support to be fully functional. Since the complete logic is built in the application, there is no requirement of an internet source for it’s functioning. We at Cryptimatrix Solutions, build Standalone Windows applications for your desktops and mobile devices that prove to be independent of everything.

Software POC/ Project Planning

The process of POC i.e. Proof Of Concept deals with testing of the software idea that you wish to pursue. It also deals with jotting down a plan to make the idea come to reality. The POC or Project Planning process involves the planning related to the use of technologies while building the software, the user life cycle, end result, budgeting, etc. Project Planning helps you in the long run because it is the best medium that can be used while convincing your users as to why and how the software can benefit them. Cryptimatrix Solutions assists you in Software POC or Software Project Planning when it comes to existing software or a completely new software.

Data Integration Solution

Data integration solutions usually combine data from different active sources using specific access methods. It also provides a well-defined view of the acquired data. A complete data integration solution by Cryptimatrix Solutions acquires and delivers data from sources in a defined time frame. Hence acquired data is verified, modified, and transformed into meaningful information.

Some important methods of data integration include accessing databases, parsing formatted files, extracting archives, retrieval from file transfer, messaging, and consuming web services.

Software Development team at Cryptimatrix Solutions is highly motivated to control the software related complexities at your end. We aim for perfection. We aim to offer you ease in your operations. We aim to offer you cost-effective software solutions!