Have Your Business Made Handy

Today, creating a mobile experience for your users is very important. If you manage to provide your consumers with every aspect of your business on the mobile, you are going to earn enormous popularity in no time. Yes, that is true because, mobile applications give easy access for acquiring knowledge about products and services, ordering products, 24 x 7 usage, location tracking, and so on. The pre-installed mobile app can be used by your existing as well as prospective customers for their business activities. It can be used on personal mobile devices and digital assistants.

We at Cryptimatrix Solutions have a team of mobile app developers that is proficient in building technically sound mobile apps for you. We also assure you to give a website-like journey to your customers through the apps developed by us.

Android App Development

Cryptimatrix Solutions is proud to say that, building android applications is one of our core expertise. We build Android applications for our customers based on very specific needs. The custom app development has proved to be very beneficial for all our customers. The sky-height successes of our customers due to the apps developed by us are note-worthy. We not only build android apps but also educate our customers about its advantages and disadvantages so that the usage can take place in a more focused way. Android mobile apps, due to their handy features have become very famous amongst youngsters. This in turn gives you a huge amount of business and success!

IOS App Development

IOS mobile platform is known to be the world’s most popular platform. Developing apps for the IOS platform is like a passion for our team of mobile app developers. We develop IOS apps by initially building wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. Approval of the prototype from the customer is followed by coding. Coding is done based on the features to be added. If the coding proves to be insufficient, interfacing is done through a third-party service provider. Post these activities, debugging has to be done. Once the program is integrated into the source code, our team carries out a series of tests so as to ensure quality, efficiency, and safety. We at Cryptimatrix Solutions provide IOS App Development for all features and functions with an end-to-end service support.

Business Applications

We at Cryptimatrix Solutions, develop Android Applications for the following purposes:

  • Hybrid Android Mobile Solution
  • Native Android Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • News Apps
  • Tourism Apps
  • Web-Based Apps
  • SMS Gateway Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Mobile Advertising Apps
  • Gaming Apps


Android Studio 90%
SQlite, Firebase 85%
API 90%
Xcode IDE 90%
Swift 80%
Spatial Reasoning 80%
JSON- JavaScript Object Notation 85%