IT Enable Business Opportunities After Lock-down

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There are lots of changes happening around the world due to lock-down. Businesses are soft targets which are affecting very quickly. This is transition phase for the industry to survive and start again with new hopes. But yes after lock-down businesses are changing, the way is changing, new opportunities are opening along with it. Here are some of the examples which may help to thing on it.


Online retail e-commerce field is expanding like big bang. The growth will continue in future as well. You can start your own platform where small, medium business can list their products and sale online. You will need delivery partner which is another opportunity as said below.

Delivery Services

Starting professional delivery service with hygienic way will be the demanding service soon. Now onward people will be reluctant to gather for shopping. As said above, e-commerce will be priority for buying goods, automatically delivery service will be the part of it. People can start their own home delivery, pick and drop service using bike, van/ car immediately. It needs less investment, legal formalities and scope of expansion is high based on how you cater service. You can also target business supply or house hold supply vertical.

Business consulting

Many businesses are facing challenges on different verticals like cash-flow, delivery issue, manpower limitation and many more due to lock-down. This is the time to adopt new tools and techniques to sustain and grow quickly after lock-down. If you are master in process management, experience in automation, defining business strategy and implementation, you can start business consulting by using your experience.

Virtual and need base assistant

Every business need help to run their day to day activities. Keeping permanent staff is not affordable and hence it can be outsourced to other company. You can start assistance providing service which may be virtual or need base as per business need. Ex. Accounting, cheque collection and submission, payment recovery follow up, meeting scheduling and reminders. Based on your skill set you can start your business and support many more.

Food Startup

Food industry is never ending business hence investing in essential food startup will be helpful. Agro-base business are very much required as hunger don’t have any alternative solution. Clean, hygienic, ready to eat, ready to cook and ready to serve products will be priority need very soon. Cloud kitchen concept will be very common soon.    India don’t have manpower issue, hence keeping this in mind, plan your product manufacturing outsourcing to small self-help groups, instead of investing a lot plant and machinery, space and other factors. Now you can start your own brand and focus in market as per need.

Medical and Healthcare

Import substitute, high quality healthcare equipment manufacturing with affordable pricing will be the game changer in upcoming days. Sensitization, hygiene products, cleaning services have bright future. Affordable, accessible and assured service will be the priority of the customers. Health Insurance, Life Insurance have huge scope, hence educate peoples and do not just sale the products. Pathology Laboratory can upgrade themselves to cater new type of tests.      

This is just an overview of opportunities. There are many industries, businesses, services where you can find out gap, need of the customer and provide solution for the same.

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